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We specialize in physician grade wholesale health supplements for wholesale health businesses.

Our company offers a variety of wholesale health supplements including:

Homeopathic 500 Calorie Diet Drops

Homeopathic/Herbal Hormone Free Diet Drops

Dr. Pearsall's 500 Calorie Diet Drops

Optimal Acai

Colon Cleanse

Himalayan Salt

Reseller License to resell Dr. Pearsall's Information Products: Manual, Audios, Cookbooks.

Check out our products and superior 500 calorie diet formulas designed by physicians and homeopathic doctors that will separate you from all the other homeopathic products on the market.

Our company is owned by a Naturopathic Physician who specializes in natural weight loss, homeopathy and the 500 calorie diet.

We can provide you with all the technical support you need to be a knowledgeable Diet Coach to your clients.

Our company is a wholesale supplement company that provides the overall best service and value to help you build your business.

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Enhanced Formulas
Here is more information to help you make an informed choice:
Homeopathic Diet Drops Original Formula
This formula is for those who have tried the 500 calorie die in the past. It worked for them and they want to stick with something that is proven.

Homeopathic Diet Spray with B-12
This formula is superior to the original formula in three ways:
a. It has additional B-12
b. It is arginine-free which will help avoid the herpes outbreaks that herpes sufferers often have when they take arginine
c. It is a spray bottle, which many people find more convenient to use and carry around.

Homeopathic Diet Drops with Slimming Herbs
This is the standard homeopathic diet drop in a base of herbs designed to suppress appetite, increase energy, increase the metabolism, support the adrenals and inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. It has the potential to double or triple the benefits of the original homeopathic diet drops. Both men and women can take this formula.

Homeopathic Diet Drops Female Formula
This has all the benefits of the Homeopathic Diet Drops With Slimming Herbs above, but it also supports the female hormone system. It is suggested for women 40 and older to help counteract the effects of the reduction of female hormone production starting at age 40.

Rejuvenation and Diet Maintenance Formula
This formula is a Maintenance formula that one can take after the 500 calorie diet program to increase energy, increase the metabolism and support your adrenals. It is an overall health and anti-aging tonic that one can take for life.

The HGH levels in the body begin to decrease starting at age 35 and this decrease contributes to the aging process. If you want to retain your youth and vitality, you need to take actions that support optimal HGH levels